simulation model

Simulation and the associated engineering analysis are a proven economical approach to quantifying performance and evaluating systems prior to actual deployment when the solution is justifiably sophisticated. This task happens in parallel to the team design and includes the following activities:
  • A Simulation Design Specification is created based on data provided. This document has the basic design information that the model will utilize. This is provided to the Client for validation prior to the model design.
  • A graphical and mathematical model of the system is created in 3-dimensional form.
  • As part of the model, output files are generated showing the resultant activity by area and by resource over a period of time (shift, day, week, etc.) representing at least one complete cycle.
  • The Client validates the model results against current operations to assure the correct assumptions have been applied. This is done by viewing the model in motion through a live demonstration and reviewing the simulation results.
  • A Sensitivity Analysis is performed by adjusting various parameters of the solution and studying the resultant effect on the performance and system flexibility.