logistics study

The first phase of HKL’s methodology is to execute a Logistics Study. The objective of a Logistics Study is to create a detailed business model that provides the client with a financial return and is the basis for a logistics services contract. The steps of a Logistics Study are described below.

The first step of the logistics study is to gain an understanding of the client’s operational, financial and strategic goals. In addition, HKL needs to gain a detailed understanding of the processes being considered for HKL services. The client’s objectives and services definition will aid in shaping an optimal solution.

As a part of the evaluation process, HKL will investigate the application of software and technology to leverage operational efficiencies. The merits of these alternatives will be measured against quantifiable financial returns.

After identifying opportunities for technology and efficiency gains, HKL will begin designing a system and processes that meet the Clients objectives or leverage HKL's existing network of technology-centric facilities.

The final step of the logistics study is to finalize the financial model and, if appropriate, the system simulation model. These models are the basis for the contractual operational and financial performance that HKL is ensuring to the client.