leveraging technology

HKL’s staff understands that logistics efficiency is not gained in the automation of manual processes, but in taking a fresh look at operational goals with technology’s capabilities. HKL has the expertise to apply and maximize the benefit of technology to achieve the best return on investment.

Software Integration
Essential to the success of any logistics solution is the software infrastructure supporting it. HKL has the expertise and experience to integrate and support software solutions that leverage material tracking and control efficiencies, while providing client visibility. As part of the Dematic organization, HKL has over 200 software engineers available for development and support.

Shifting Paradigms
Due to numerous factors, including a lack of expertise, traditional 3PL providers have not leveraged technology in their services. HKL’s approach requires taking a fresh look at operational goals with technology’s capabilities to redefine the performance objectives.

Best Practices
HKL has been involved in optimizing logistics solutions for multiple industries for over 30 years. Through this experience HKL has developed a set of best practices through lessons learned from numerous companies