contract execution

Once a Logistics Study has been completed, HKL’s operations team takes over to execute the contract. HKL’s operations management philosophy is deeply rooted in the consultative design build environment originating in the HK Systems/Dematic operations.

The first step of contract execution is the implementation of the solution infrastructure. This typically starts with either the leasing of a new or existing HKL facility or the acquisition of property and construction of a building. After the facility is selected, HKL facilitates the integration of the material handling system and IT infrastructure. Once the infrastructure is in place, the HKL transition team will begin staffing the facility and ramping-up the operation.

HKL ensures the exceptional delivery of services through the life of our contract by providing internal resources to support all aspects of our operation, from the IT infrastructure to the equipment upgrades and maintenance. In addition, HKL provides proactive communication in the form of operational metrics and improvement opportunities.

HKL’s diligence does not stop once a facility is in operation. Each facility drives towards process improvement goals through Lean, 6S and six sigma initiatives.